Medical Transcription – Considering Security in Total Cost

Tom Caswell
Director of Sales & Marketing
Synernet, Inc.

When it comes to choosing a medical transcription vendor – cost, turn-around-time, accuracy, technology, vendor reputation and security are all decision-making factors.  Another factor to consider is liability and the resulting bad publicity, if your vendor has a data breach.

Security Breach Exposes 32,000 Patient Records – Medical Transcription

So what is your Total Cost of Medical Transcription?  It is certainly more than the cost per line of transcription!

Medical Transcription Cost Per Line: Comparison

  • 8 cents a line x 15 lines =  $1.20
  • 11 cents a line x 15 lines = $1.65
  • 13 cents a line x 15 lines = $1.95

Is the Total Cost of U.S. Based Medical Transcription lower than Off-shore Medical Transcription? It all comes back to the vendor’s Total Cost – cost, quality, technology, turn-around-time and security. You can lose far more than 5 cents per line with a data breach.

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