Healthcare Outsourcing: HIPAA and Offshore Vendors

Tom Caswell
Director of Sales & Marketing
Synernet, Inc.

Over the years coding services, medical transcription and other healthcare administrative functions have been transitioned successfully to shared services or outsourcing firms both onshore and offshore.  But shared services or outsourcing without proper IT management, risk management and contract oversight can lead to multi-million dollar fines and loss of patients.  HealthInfoSecurity does a great job of educating the healthcare community on the risks and failures in healthcare security. Read their article on the risks of offshore vendors.

HIPAA Omnibus and Offshore Vendors

When done right, outsourcing and shared services bring best practices, critical industry knowledge and efficiencies to healthcare organizations unachievable in-house.  Shared Services and outsourcing firms work on tight margins and the need to have staff working at the top of their capability is vital to maximizes productivity.

For healthcare administrators a shared services and outsourcing vendor selection process is critical – risk assessment, technology, references, history and contract terms will all play a critical role in choosing a vendor who brings value, expertise and maximizes productivity.

Consider the Total Cost of Shared Services and Outsourcing – cost, quality, technology, turn-around-time and security.  For healthcare administrators a vendor selection process will mitigate risk and bring vendors with the lowest Total Cost to be your chosen partner every time.

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