Planning for ICD-10 Coding Support

Tom Caswell
Director of Sales & Marketing
Synernet, Inc.

With ICD-10 less than 5 months away health care organizations are facing the daunting task of being ready operationally and technologically for a change that impacts revenue cycle, clinical documentation, compliance and population health reporting.

Taking into account that the United States may be the only country in the world utilizing the ICD-10 code sets for clinical documentation and billing makes for a scenario of unexpected issues.  System changes are difficult and when you change a system (ICD-9 code sets) that has been in place for over 20 years, productivity will slow. In Canada the medical coding productivity dropped 40% and the National Pilot Program saw a drop of 50%.

Medical Coding Productivity Drops by 40%-50% with ICD-10

One area that healthcare organizations can control with ICD-10 is a partnership with a coding services organization to assist with the projected backlogs and productivity declines with ICD-10 medical coding.  Unfortunately, the shortage of experienced, credentialed medical coders will create a waiting list for ICD-10 coding support.  According to an AHIMA study,  almost 25% of HIM respondents expected an increase in coding labor with ICD-10 which creates excess demand for skilled medical coders.

  • ICD-10 Perfect Storm: Huge system change (ICD-10), shortage of experienced staff and 25% increased workloads.

Synernet recommends partnering with a coding services firm now for ICD-10 support. A proactive coding support plan will ensure your health care organization will have the medical coding capacity to handle the critical October 2013 – March 2014 ICD-10 implementation period.

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