A Conversation with Deb Carter, Synernet’s Manager of Provider Enrollment Services

Tom Caswell
Director of Sales & Marketing

Portland, ME 

Q – Provider Enrollment Services (PES) had a “break out” year in 2014, so to speak.

 A – (Deb) Provider Enrollment Services at Synernet began in 2011 as a division of the Synernet CVO. In 2014 PES began operating as a separate service line and the early results are fantastic.  Synernet PES initially worked exclusively with Mercy Hospital to enroll their employed providers while Terry Knight joined Synernet as Supervisor of Provider Enrollment Services.

PES developed as a service line in response to a customer request and is growing as a result of customer needs across the U.S.  We now have customers in Maine, New Hampshire, Texas and California with frequent inquiries from around the country. Thanks to the recently updated web-site and our work with existing clients – the word is spreading fast.  We have also developed an additional enrollment product that allows customers to “rent” the Apogee platform from us while maintaining their own staff and work process.

Q – What changes have you seen in Provider Enrollment?

A – Customers are beginning to understand the role that provider enrollment plays in the revenue cycle of the facility. Enrollment is more than filling out a form. It is a blending of knowledge and experience in billing, claims management, coding, practice management, credentialing, contracting and healthcare organizational culture. Understanding how provider enrollment is connected to the revenue stream of an organization is crucial for accurate reimbursement. With reimbursements from third party payors being reduced, particularly Medicare, all healthcare organizations are focused on the revenue stream.

Q – How important is Provider Enrollment to the revenue cycle of healthcare organizations?

A – Simply put: enrollment done incorrectly can “sink the ship”.

Q – Does Synernet have an enrollment technology partner?

A – Yes. Our entire data base is housed in a module called Apogee which is part of MSOW, a Morrisey product. We work very closely with Morrisey and are presently working to enhance the software product.

Q – What sets Synernet apart from the competition?

A – Our talent and process. I have no doubts that our competition is utilizing automation to assist in the enrollment process but our automation combines process improvement and experienced professionals with an understanding of and experience in the revenue cycle.  Our practice management experience further enhances understanding of the relationship between enrollment and the patient experience.  Synernet’s foundation is customer service – our customers are our business and our business is accurate reimbursement, critical to each customer’s revenue cycle.

And finally, Synernet is 100% U.S. based, located in Portland, Maine.

You can reach Deb at dcarter@synernet.net or visit http://www.synernet.net.

Deb Carter, MS, CPMSM, CPCS
Manager of Provider Enrollment

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