A Conversation with Millis Blackburn Perry, Synernet’s Director of Coding Services

Tom Caswell
Director of Sales & Marketing

Portland, ME

Q – ICD-10 has been delayed before; will we see ICD-10 in 2015?

A – (Millis) The compliance date for implementation of ICD-10 CM/PCS is October 1, 2015, for all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) covered entities. And while there remains concern that it will be delayed yet again, CMS has made the statement it will not and the conversion to ICD-10 will move forward as scheduled.

Q – Why is ICD-10 important for U.S. healthcare?

A – The healthcare industry can ill afford to remain with the ICD-9 classification system because of the limited structural design and lack of flexibility to accurately reflect advancements in current clinical technology and emerging treatment modalities. This in turn compromises the validity and reliability of our healthcare data and it will continue to decline until the implementation of ICD-10 allowing for greater specificity in code assignment. The ICD-10-CM diagnostic code set is nearly five times larger than ICD-9 and has more than 69,000 available codes.

Q – How will ICD-10 impact Synernet’s Coding Services?

A – In the next twelve months our clients will be very focused on preparing for the many facets of this transition while attempting to prevent coding backlogs and maintain timely reimbursement. This is where we, the coding team at Synernet, can help.

Q – How will ICD-10 impact Synernet’s Coding clients?

A – Our coding staff will be prepared to provide much needed services and support during this challenging time and beyond. We will help maintain the coding process to minimize any anticipated negative impact to the facility. This is definitely an exciting and rewarding time to be a part of the coding profession as our expertise and skills will be in great demand!

Q – Why do you employee only 100% U.S. based experienced credentialed coders?

A – Synernet is proud to employ the best and brightest U.S. based coders.  We feel strongly that only credentialed experienced coders can bring the required duality of 95% coding accuracy and turnaround times necessary for a successful coding support partnership.

You can reach Millis at mperry@synernet.net or visit www.synernet.net.

Millis Blackburn Perry, RHIA, CCS, CPC
Director of Coding Services

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