Medical Transcription Changes: A Conversation with Vicky Donaldson, Director of Medical Transcription

Tom Caswell
Director of Sales & Marketing

Portland, ME

Q – Do you see Medical Transcription at Synernet as a growing service line?

A – (Vicky) The Medical Transcription industry has seen a whirlwind of changes in the last few years.  As a Medical Transcription Service Organization (MTSO), we must keep up with these changes in this competitive arena.  Nuance has become a household name and has bought out many smaller companies but Synernet has a unique value proposition in healthcare – service excellence!  Business opportunities are still plentiful but the dynamic of obtaining that business has changed.

Q – What changes have you seen in Medical Transcription?

A – (Vicky) Over the last decade we’ve seen more physician practices being bought and physicians being employed by the hospitals in an effort to coordinate better care and provide a wider span of services.  Now that idea has expanded on the hospital level whereby hospitals are grouping together to create hospital systems.  The costs of interfacing and the man hours it takes by the hospitals to interface has deterred individual hospitals from making those decisions realizing that their platforms may change under these newly created hospital systems.  Therefore, our focus is to work with hospital systems.

Q – How important is a Medical Transcriptionist to the continuum of care?

A – (Vicky) For Medical Transcriptionists, the career field has been uncertain.  With the push for the complete electronic record, the industry has seen line reductions. Hospitals are provided financial incentives for the “meaningful use” of electronic health record (EHR) technology.  Most healthcare organizations are in stage 2 of the process and have difficulties with implementation. The realization is that accurate individualized medical documentation is vital for patient care and the medical transcription/editing professional is critical to the continuum of care.

Q – Does Synernet have a transcription technology partner?

A – (Vicky) Dolbey Co. is our transcription software vendor that has allowed us to bring on six new clients recently.  We are currently in negotiations with additional hospitals through our relationship with Dolbey.  Tom Caswell and attended the AHIMA conference in San Diego in late September where we showcased our services and attended events with Dolbey representatives, management and HIM Directors from across the US.

Q – What sets Synernet apart from the competition?

A – (Vicky) At Synernet, we’ve created the scale and expertise over the past 11 years to compete across the U.S.  Our relationship with our transcription software vendor, Dolbey has truly allowed us to become a solution provider by offering dictation, transcription, voice recognition and 24/7/365 coverage.  Beyond the technology, we truly believe our value starts with our team of transcriptionists, supervisors, managers, QA managers, project managers and IT staff.  We strive to be the more responsive to our customers’ needs for faster TATs and 99% QA which positively impacts the continuum of care.

Also, medical transcription along with our coding services, provider enrollment and credentials verification, provides the expertise hospital systems are looking for in a one vendor relationship.

You can reach Vicky at or visit

Vicky Donaldson
Director of Medical Transcription

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